Nothing About US Without US

GATE is a Community led organisation, we seek to educate both Travelling communities and the wider Population to live side by side in a diverse Society . 

GATE provides an opportunity for Gypsy Roma Traveller  to represent them, to have an impact on integration with the local settled communities;

We promote activities to foster understanding between GRT and the wider community in Hertfordshire.

We develop the capacity and skills of GRT individuals in such a way that they are better able to identify and help meet their needs and to participate more fully in society.

GATE is a membership organisation for Gypsy and Traveller people across Hertfordshire

Our aim is to improve quality of life for our communities.

We work in partnership to address the issues which affect our accommodation, health,  education and employment, and our circumstances within UK society.

GATE lives by the motto:

 ‘Nothing about us, without us’ and hopes to help all Travellers and Gypsies to have a say in the things that affect their lives. 



Travellers in Hertfordshire 


For centuries Travellers have been staying and passing through the county as it is situated between dense, urban London and    the wide-open rural spaces of East Anglia.
 Hertfordshire has and always will be, an important stopping place for Travellers. 
 Both city (scrap collection, road work or landscaping) and country (agriculture) provide work.
 Look around, you will see Travellers Lane (Hatfield), Travellers Close (Welwyn) or Gypsy Lane (Great Amwell), all testimony to  this history. 


Hertfordshire has 11 Traveller sites run by the council. Some are very old.
The Howell site near Hertford was opened in 1965. In addition, there are a number of private sites where families have
bought land and gained planning permission to site their caravans there.  Hertfordshire has many roads linked to us,  such as a few Gypsy Lanes & even a Travellers lane.

For more information, help and support please contact GATE.


Please support us to protect and maintain their cultural and traditional way of life. The Gypsy Traveller Demonstration took place on Saturday 21st May 2016 

The Demonstration was a March with the community, placards, horses, banners and a petition! The petition was to support the UK’s Romany Gypsy and Traveller people, in bringing down a new law which seeks to meddle with who they are and deny their children a home.

The aim is to gather as many signatures as possible on the petition and hand it into Downing Street on Saturday 21st May!


Since 2011, the first phase of ROMED has been leading an initiative aiming to train mediators in delivering quality mediation between Roma communities and local authorities. Since the start of the programme, over 1300 mediators were trained in 22 countries.


Dikh he na Bister” Youth Event around Roma Holocaust Memorial Day in Krakow

Leading the educational process of an UK group of young people through a 5-day learning process about the Holocaust and about antigypsyism and human rights

Closing times for Christmas 22ND December 2017 - 5TH January 2018. 

There are opportunities for volunteers at GATE Herts as we are a charitable organisation.

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We work with victims of hate crime within Gypsy and Traveller communities, supporting victims and encouraging reporting of hate crime incidents. We work alongside GRT communities across Herts to promote a better understanding of the history, culture and lifestyles of Gypsies and Travellers. We work alongside several local voluntary sector organisations with a view to push the Gypsy /Traveller agenda.

Report Racism GRT is a hate incident reporting site and support service that is run by and for Gypsy, Traveller and Roma communities in the UK by Herts GATE

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